About Us

One lives in a time where one has to cultivate a personal brand. Everyone has a brand nowadays. But simply having a brand is insufficient if you want to advance. In order to real have a voice one needs to establish himself as a thought leader. Thought leaders are critical in an accelerated society because they have a standpoint, a voice and they are somehow irreplaceable — and indispensable.

Ikonoklash is a digital thought leadership platform space beyond the ideas, intelligence, images and icons.

This terms comes according to the lexicon, (a language user’s knowledge of words): Ikonoklash from the French “fabrication et destruction des images en science, en religion et en art “, the deliberate destruction (or defamation) of important symbolic images (or icons) in science, religion and art. However here the idea, and the thought provoking standpoint or voice is not about destruction, but about demystifying the contemporary myths, legends, Icons.

Ikonoklash is a place for thought leaders and understands ideas as the engine for people that push the world forward.

Ikonoklash is interested in persons and tribes who have a voice, and that break or disdain established intelligence, ideas, dogmata or conventions. People remarkable because they have something of unique to say, an intelligent approach towards life, creative flows, business and don’t have a problem about pushing their limits and myths. People that put ideas into action.

Ikonoklash is about doers, active thought leaders, people who like to go further in ideas and thinking forward. Weather it is in thinking, web, technology, culture, arts, finance. Ikonoklash understands and works in the viral strength of ideas.

Ikonoklash is interested in true leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from a multiple backbone of endeavor  web / technology / future, culture / arts / film / music / entertainment, science / history, business / finance, global issues.

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all”. Oscar Wilde

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” Buddha