3 Ways Cloud Hosting Is Disrupting the Hosting Industry

3 Ways Cloud Hosting Is Disrupting the Hosting Industry

3 Ways Cloud Hosting Is Disrupting the Hosting Industry

Ever since Cloud computing was first introduced, a lot of experts are predicting how Cloud hosting will be the future. Fast forward a couple of years, and we’re seeing more Cloud hosting services – and more websites using Cloud infrastructure – than ever before. Even top names and big companies are moving to the Cloud.

There are many reasons why Cloud hosting is changing the web hosting landscape. Its flexibility and the declining prices of today’s best Cloud hosting services are among them. However, there are three ways Cloud hosting is really disrupting the hosting industry.

Scalability and Amazing Upgrade Options

With conventional hosting, upgrading to a bigger hosting service plan means moving to a completely different account. Hosting companies can assign more storage space and monthly bandwidth to an account, but moving to a more capable server is often still necessary. This means downtime and that’s never good for business.

Cloud hosting is designed to be as scalable as it can be from the start. Multiple servers are combined into a cluster, which means each cluster has vast server resources to allocate. You can upgrade anything from the amount of RAM allocated to the hosting account to adding more processor cores to support resource-intensive web apps, all without switching the site off.

Better Reliability

Cloud servers are also immensely reliable. Even when several servers in a cluster are down, your site can still perform well under heavy loads. Server admins can replace or repair the broken servers and reboot them without disturbing the existing services.

More importantly, Cloud servers are designed to have multiple redundancies and backup options. You can create daily snapshots and restore your server in just one click in the event of a catastrophic error. You can also choose to have off-site backups as well as other redundancies for maximum security.

The combination is too good to miss. Whether you’re running a personal blog or a fully-featured web application, you can rest assured knowing that your site is safe in the Cloud.

Consumer-Level Cloud Hosting

While Cloud hosting services used to be designed for companies and corporate users, the available plans are now suitable for home users as well. Companies like bestwebhosting.co.uk are improving their Cloud infrastructure and offering more plans for home users. You can get shared or reseller hosting plans with reliable Cloud infrastructure ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

As mentioned before, Cloud hosting is also very affordable these days. The available plans are sometimes more affordable – or just slightly more expensive – than the equivalent single-server hosting package. This means you can enjoy the benefits we talked about earlier and save money on web hosting at the same time.

There is little reason not to move to Cloud hosting today. The technology has certainly transformed the market and will change the way we host information forever. Find a good Cloud hosting package that suits your needs perfectly and you can enjoy better performance, better scalability and better redundancies as soon as you move to the new hosting account.