Electronic Health Records Are Helping Patients

The healthcare industry has gone through a lot of changes this past year. Among the many notable changes was the wide implementation of electronic health records or EHR. EHR was first introduced a few years ago, promising a more efficient way of keeping track of patient records. According to studies by Ohio University’s online masters healthcare administration department, the different grants and government supports are making the spread of EHR implementation at hospitals and healthcare clinics that much faster.

As mentioned before, electronic health records bring a number of benefits to patients. Patients can now get better care faster because doctors and healthcare providers can access their complete medical history from the cloud or through an integrated system. EHR is also helping healthcare providers save a lot on overhead costs, which in turn is bringing down the cost of getting good healthcare services.

Read the full infographic on Implementing Electronic Health Records by Ohio University to learn more about the different benefits of this system.

Ohio University Online