Gertrud Sandqvist Interview: Storytelling Technology and Iconography

Gertrud Sandqvist professor at Malmo Art Academy, curator and art critic talks with the Ikonoklash team in 28 minutes and 27 seconds about the new challenges technology brings to the re-definition of the present iconography. In a particular rich talk she talks about the evolution from the religious icons to the computer icons. She reflects how web and technology changes / are changing society, education, art and thinking and creates new concepts, or adaptation and new relations for the story telling.

In 28:27 Gertrud Sandqvist talks also about the dynamics of Malmo Art Akademie, a special art education project based in Malmo the third town of Sweden

Gertrud Sandqvist b.1955, is an art critic. Since 1995 she is the Director of the Malmo Art Academy. Previously she was the editor of Siksi, the Nordic art magazine (1986-90). She is also a curator, among shows she has curated are Abject, 1990, Private, 1993,and a Mary Kelly retrospective, 1994.

Gertrud Sandqvist interview, 28:27 from ikonoklash on Vimeo.