World Refugee Days : I’m A Survivor


World Refugee Days : I’m A Survivor

My name is Sarah Mardini and I am a refugee and a survivor

While still a teenager, I escaped the civil war which has ravaged my home, Syria, for the past six years with my sister Yusra. I was ‘lucky’. In 2015, Yusra and I made it to Greece but we left my parents and younger sister back in Syria. And right now, millions of children, in Syria and around the world, are being separated from their parents and families.

Take action to ensure all refugee children are protected.

Before finding safety on the shores of Lesvos, our overcrowded dinghy, which was built for 8 people, but crammed with 20, began to sink. Yusra and I used our skills as professional swimmers to jump in the water and push the boat for three and a half hours so that everyone could survive.

You can follow my story and journey today on Global Citizen’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram channels as part of my World Refugee Day takeover. This is just my story–there are thousands of people like me who have stories of their own.


World Refegee Day

Take action to support refugees no matter where they are.

I look at the many children who I have since rescued from the sea as part of my work with Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) and who now live in refugee communities in Lesvos. They are so young and have so much potential but many of them are traumatised and broken. They need the stability of protection, education, health, and safety, not to be turned away, locked away, or separated from their parents.

Share my story, join me online this World Refugee Day and show your solidarity for refugees, like me, all over the world by taking action to support the Global Compact for Refugees. This agreement is entering final rounds of UN negotiations on July 3-4and lays out a comprehensive framework and plan to ease pressure on host countries, ensure access education and health services, and make countries of origin safer for refugees, like me, to return to.

Your voice can help get the right words in the Compact which will help protect child refugees, like those I work with, and create a more equal world for all global citizens.

I hope you enjoy following my story and sharing my experiences today. Remember- every refugee is a global citizen–like you!