Why C-Suite Executives Should Be Able To Request An Upright Open MRI Scan

Why C-Suite Executives Should Be Able To Request An Upright Open MRI Scan

Having a healthy top team is paramount to the success of any business, and management will, from time to time, be required to work with the external or internal health providers for their staff.  If your readers have a top executive who requires an MRI but who is claustrophobic or anxious about the idea of going through a traditional MRI ‘tunnel’ – they may not know that an Upright Open MRI scan is just what they need.

We are the new PR agency for Medserena Upright Open MRI centres in London and Manchester offering patients a state-of-the-art MRI that removes the feeling of claustrophobia and even allows them to watch TV while their scan progresses.

But what’s the difference between an Upright Open MRI scan and an ordinary Open MRI scan?

Unlike conventional MRI scanners, Medserena’s upright open MRI is perfect for patients with claustrophobia.  Traditional MRI scans require them to slide into a narrow tunnel which many people find uncomfortably hemmed-in and cramped.  Even an ‘open’ MRI scanner still requires the patient to endure the machine very close to their face – the patient has to lie between two magnetic poles, often referred to as a “double doughnut” format.

With the Medserena Open MRI scanner, patients have nothing in front of their face at all so there is no feeling of claustrophobia – and they can even watch a TV programme or DVD, on a large screen, whilst the process is being carried out.  All coils (antennae), even the head coils for brain scans, are designed to allow patients to clearly see outside the system.

The procedure is conducted in a natural weight-bearing position.  You can stand up, sit down, flex your neck and be moved into different postures – so the scan is carried out in exactly the position that pain is experienced.

Some conditions are underestimated or may not even be seen at all in a traditional tunnel MRI scanner.  For example, this type of MRI scan can offer a thorough, more conclusive diagnosis of conditions ranging from whiplash, pelvic floor disorders and breast implant leakage to problems with the spine or neck.

We would like to offer you the chance to visit either of the scanning centres to view a live scan in progress and to sit in the scanner (without having an MRI) in order to learn about why this type of MRI is so much better for patients and their consultants.

Maybe a member of the top executive team has had a conventional MRI but their condition has not been properly diagnosed and they still suffer from pain?  In appropriate circumstances, Medserena would be prepared to offer an Upright Open MRI as part of your feature, with his/her consultant’s agreement.

We have expert radiographers and radiologists who can explain in detail how this type of MRI scan works and its benefits, as well as provide authoritative comment for features.

We also have an image bank of scans being performed across the gamut of different patient conditions.

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