Top Ways to Market Your Brand in 2018

Top Ways to Market Your Brand in 2018

2018 is upon us, which means that it’s time to really think about what you’ll do in the coming year to grow your business like never before. And marketing plays an integral role in your company’s growth; after all, it’s the means by which you can put your brand out there and allow more and more people to connect with you. But what are the top ways to market your brand in 2018? Keep reading for a few helpful tips you could implement.

Work Like a Pro

Not all startups are created by people who have gone to school for business; many people can be extremely successful without even having to get a college degree. But the truth is that, if you want to really be on top of the latest trends in business, as well as the best ways to get things done, higher education is definitely the way to go. So, in addition to considering an advanced marketing degree, consider also going back to school for something like a masters in project and program management degree. With an online MSMPP program from a great university, you won’t even have to sit in a classroom and you could focus on running your business while you study. With the right education, every marketing plan you implement will have greater odds of success.

The Real Need for Video Content

You already know that SEO is important if you want to get your website in front of more people. And you have probably already gone through the steps involved with creating fantastic, high quality written content for your website. But what about video content? With young consumers focusing most of their time on the many social media outlets that out there, from Snapchat to Instagram and good ol’ Facebook, if you aren’t adding engaging, short videos to your marketing mix, you are missing out. So, consider adding video content to your social media pages, including your YouTube channel, so that you can continually stay connected with current and potential customers who are interested in what you do. Create behind-the-scenes clips, how-to videos, and “day in the life” spotlights that are fun and entertaining, as well as filled with helpful information.

Artificial Intelligence for Your Live Chat Option

Marking your customer service capabilities is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. And there are now tools available, such as Drift and Intercom, that give you the option of applying an artificial intelligence powered chat tool on your website. Live chat is a hugely popular feature in today’s world, as consumers aren’t willing to wait for answers and they want only the very best in customer service. With a live chat that’s manned by AI, you could begin offering a better service to your customers at a faster rate, and that could give you what it takes to get ahead of the pack.

With the tips above, you could take your marketing plan for 2018 to a new level. Remember to stay on top of the latest marketing and promotional trends and strategies so that you won’t fall behind the curve.